Mondi – Level Design


My position: Lead Design and Level Designer
Team size: 10
Development: A four week game project.
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Genre: 2.5D platformer with depth


  • Jump and Stick to everything to navigate the environment
  • Collect seeds and explore an abandoned research facility
  • Vertically focused level design



Play as a small slime carrying the last flower on earth. Jump and stick to the environment to avoid hazards and explore the mysterious place you find yourself in. Maybe you’ll even reach the surface.


Mondi is a game created in four weeks in the Unreal Engine 4. The Milestones we hade to meet to pass the course was Environmental Storytelling, Destruction and Exploration.

Level Design

I was lead designer and level designer. I had to be really aware of where I placed every asset and platform. Since we had a semi-fixed camera I had to work a lot with composition and framing. Making levels without a waypoint and trying to tell a story without a single word of exposition was a stimulating and fun challenge. I really enjoyed making these kinds of levels.

If you want a complete documentation of the Level Design in the game, please click the link below.

Level Design Documentation


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