Goat Simulator 3

“During his internship at Coffee Stain North, Douglas worked with interactable assets and missions. His largest contributions came through his creative mind as ideas and inspiration for the project. He contributes to a very good atmosphere and is always positive. He also has a solid basic understanding of working with UE4 and its Blueprint system.”

Sebastian Zethraeus
Producer at Coffee Stain North


My position: Game Design Intern
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Genre: Open World


  • Prototyping, iterating and finalising content
  • Working on multiplayer
  • Level design
  • Scripting

I worked on Goat Simulator 3. Scripting content such as missions, mini-games and more. I was a part of the core design team, deciding on how to sculpt the different in-game areas to best fit the experience. I also worked a great deal on multiplayer, making sure that the content I was creating worked in multiplayer and singleplayer.

More information will be available when possible

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