Be Swingin It

In three weeks I made a movement prototype using Unreal Blueprints



My prototype started with me wanting to make a rope swing mechanic, and so I did. I wanted to make the rope swing mechanic usable in something reactionary and fast-paced like combat or navigating and area under preassure, so I wanted the rope swing to feel snappy and responsive. For example, if you see an attack coming your way, you should be able to quickly swing out of the way, and quickly swing around the area. I didn’t get a chance to apply it in a situation where combat is present, but it works well while swinging around big areas and covering ground quickly.


This was a very iterative process, if I felt like something was missing, I added it. At first it felt really slow and sluggish, so i added a boost mechanic while you are swinging, but when the player took off, it still felt kinda slow, so I made so when you are standing on the ground you can either dash towards the grappling point, or jump straight up in the air with fast momentum.RopeLaunchTowardsPointRopeLaunch.gif

When adding these it happened alot that I swung into walls and it ruined the momentum a lot, so I added a walljump, where you launch yourself off the wall uppwards if you hit the jumpbutton when in contact with the wall.WallJump.gif

When swinging in the speed of sound around the level i found it really hard to control where i landed. What I did then was to make so you can launch youself towards the grappling point in the air (you could only do that whilst on the ground otherwise)RopeLaunchTowardsPointInAir

I also made so that when you are swinging, the camera zooms out so you easily could see the environment when you are swinging.CameraZoomInZoomOut.gif

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