Combo System

Combo system

The combo system i went with is what i like to call an “IntBased” system, which means that each time the player presses an attack button, a number will increase, and the move the player character does is dependent on the players input and the integers value. This gives room for freeform exploration between the attacks and it makes the combolist easily expandable (although at risk of it being a bit overwhelming). It also makes it efficient since all the moves in the game uses the same set of values. I kept the scope small, but as you can see in the picture below, there is alot of room for expanding the list of attacks and combos. The maximum combo amount is three, so you can totally chain three attacks, the the IntCounter will reset to zero. And depending on the integers value, you can see which attacks that are available.


As I wrote earlier this combo system gives the player the freedom to switch between kick and punches whenever they feel like it, since all of the attacks uses the same Integer value. (see gif below)


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