Mission Scripting – Objective Handler & Collectibles

Objective Handler


I created the objective handler of the game. This is where the players progress where stored. It managed how many gramophones the player had picked up and it handled the waking process fo the cat, it also communicated with the Sound Manager to que each of the instrumental tracks that were added with each gramophone.


When you entered the area of the Objective Handler, if you had picked up a number of gramophones (wether it was only one or seven), the Objective Handler would add that much to the blue altar at the center.




The Objective Handler also managed the wake up animations of the cat. Where it went through three stages: asleep, barely awake, almost awake, and fully awake and dancing. These were triggered whe the player had collected a set amount of gramophones.


Each gramophone placed on the altar also added a new music track to the music playing in the background. But more on that in the Sound Design section.


Since we hade this big open world to explore, we needed a reason to do so. So we decided that the player would fly around and collect gramophones (because of course!). There a total of ten gramophones, but the player is only taksed with finding seven, since running around a world that big finding “that one gramophone” can easily become tedious.

The colectibles also has a “sign system” where a sign i splaced to guide the way towards the gramophone, each collectible has about three gramophones pointing at them, and when the gramophone is collected the sign disappear. This is to ensure that a sign always leads the player towards a gramophone.


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