Quartestick Magic

A game prototype where you play as a mage, but you conjure the spells by moving your arms around in-game. I got the idea when thinking of spellcasters in-game and instead of relying on a manapool and cooldowns, I wanted to make it more input skillbased.


The prototype is still in development, content wise, but if you would like to read about the spellcasting system, I’ve written a documentation about it here

Spellcasting System

The spellcasting works kind of like a fighting game, or skateboarding game. You hold down one or both triggers and wiggle the sticks, when you feel like you have wiggle the sticks enough, release the triggers and if you have wiggled them just right, something might happen. Just like real magic!

A more technical explanation is that I have mapped the vector position of the sticks to a specific letter, so when the stick either pointed Up, Right, Down or Left it adds a letter to a string.

N, E, S, W standing for North, East, South, West.

While the player is holding down the triggers, the character will register every time the arms are in one of these position and add it to a string of letters


An in-game example, where the players uses both arms to cast a spell. I collect the letters that are stored when the arms are in the correct position, then I combine that string and check if there is a spell with that value. In this case; Fireball.

SWNEW + NESWE = Fireball
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